24 June 2013

Ran another half marathon and back at goal weight :)

Sorry I haven't been posting. I'm still around, just incredibly busy with work and training. I ran another half marathon this past Saturday (#13in2013), which also happened to be my birthday :) and I'm also back down to 116. I think the extra mileage the past few weeks helped to finally get rid of those pesky 2 pounds!

Hope you all are doing well!

06 June 2013

Quick Check-in!

Things have been crazy busy around here so I haven't had a chance to write. I wanted to thank everyone for  the supportive, kind, wonderful comments on my bathing suit post! We didn't end up going swimming, but I did wear the bikini top to take Lucy for her walk ;) With a tank top over it though!

Sunday I ran 8.25 miles, broken into 2 parts because after 3 miles outside, it was way WAY too hot so I went to the gym for the other 5 (.25) miles.

Monday was 40 minutes on the Arc Trainer
Tuesday was a 3.25 mile run
Wednesday was a 3.4 mile run
Thursday (today) was 40 minutes on the Arc Trainer
Friday (tomorrow) is a 3 mile run
Saturday is a rest day
Sunday will be a 10 mile run

This morning's weigh-in was 118.0

And here's the Thursday version of Wordless Wednesday:

01 June 2013

Bathing Suit Season and Body Issues

It's gonna be a hot, humid and sunny weekend, so we were thinking of taking Lucy swimming at the lake or river. This of course leads to what to wear. Ugh. Trying on bathing suits seriously brings up all my body issues. While I think I look alright in clothes, bathing suits are a whole 'nother story.  After 2+ hours of trying different combinations (I have 9 or 10 one-pieces, 6 bikinis/tankinis, and 1 pair of swim shorts), I ended up with only one "piece" that I like - the swim shorts. Here they are with one of the tankini tops and one of the bikini tops. I'm only showing side views because, well, can you say HELLO flabby belly and stretch marks!! Bleh. Oh, and please excuse my messy house ;)

Chopped all my hair off last night

I think I look pregnant in this one :(

Wish this top was a solid color

I do actually like the way my legs look!

And which will I wear when we actually venture out of the house you may ask? Definitely the swim shorts! I'd love to have the confidence to wear the bikini top, but I don't. If the tankini top was solid black I'd probably wear it out, but most likely I'll end up in a sports bra and tank top.

Or I'll just stay in and color my hair. It's brutally hot out there ;)