30 April 2013

New challenge starts tomorrow! And I ran today!

Starting tomorrow I'll be taking a picture of everything that goes into my mouth, BEFORE it goes in :) I created an Instagram account just for the challenge, so you can click on the little camera icon over there --> or go to my Food Photo Challenge page. If anyone wants to add me on Instagram my name is veglegs. And if anyone else wants in on the challenge, go to Allan's page!

Today at the gym I did 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer. That thing is a great workout! When I was done I still had a few minutes before I had to get back to work, so I jumped on the treadmill and ran for 2 whole pain-free minutes! I'm still gonna give it a few more days, but I'm definitely on the mend!

That's about it for today :)

29 April 2013

Checking in

Not too much going on here. Toe is still broken (duh) but is starting to feel better, and the swelling has gone down considerably. So I went back to the gym today and did 4 miles on the elliptical. Other than my feet going numb after about 20 minutes it was all good!

As for food, nothing exciting there either. I'm still trying to shake off 2 more pounds to get back down to 116. Trying to figure out an "ideal" weight is not an easy task. 110 was definitely too small- I looked malnourished and my face was kinda sunken in, if that makes any sense. On the other hand, I felt too heavy at 120. If it makes any difference I'm 5'4 and small-boned.

So anyways, about those 2 pounds... I've decided to join in Allan's latest challenge, which starts on May 1st. The challenge is to take a picture of everything that goes in your mouth, BEFORE it goes in your mouth. I'm thinking that having to snap a picture of those late afternoon Nutter Butters or before bedtime spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips will stop me from doing it! I already know what you're thinking. I could still eat the crap and just not take a picture. But if you know me and any of my history, when I commit to something, I commit 100%. If I decide to have a Reese's (or any other kind of crap) you will see a picture of it! Alrighty then. Anyone else up for this? CLICK HERE for more information.

Have a great day :)

24 April 2013

Yep, it's broken :(

Just got back from the doctor and my toe is definitely broken :(  They couldn't do anything but tape it to the next toe. Now I just have to wait. No running for at least 7 days. She did say that I can use the elliptical though, as long as I take it easy and stop if I feel any discomfort. Other than that, just keep off it as much as possible and keep it elevated and iced until the swelling goes down.

As for the rest of my visit, this was my follow-up to the sinus infection and weak/dizzy ordeal (which I'm still having) and blood work results. The blood work was fine. I was initially worried because my chlorine something or other was elevated, but she said nothing to worry about there. It seems that my issues are stemming from excessive fluid in my sinuses and ears, so I came home with a crap-load more allergy medications and some fioricet for the migraines that have recently returned. She is sending me for a colonoscopy because of the on-going tummy issues, and it's also time for my first mammogram, eek! And I think that was about it.

I'm thinking the doc should just hook me up to one of these and call it a day ;)
I forgot to post my weigh-in last Wednesday, but nothing has changed. I'm still at 118.8 :)

23 April 2013

If it weren't for bad luck...

Woke up this morning and went into the kitchen to turn on the coffee. On my way back to the bedroom I kicked either the corner of the couch or one of Lucy's giant bones. Didn't think too much of it at first, but now I'm pretty sure it's broken. Thank goodness I already have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (blood test results) because looky how disgusting it is now (but please ignore my nasty runner's toenails):

Lucy is trying to protect it for me, hehe.


Needless to say, I did not run today. I still went to the gym (yes I'm an idiot) and did 3.75 miles on the elliptical. I'm pretty sure that made it even worse. Again, YES I'm an idiot.

So tomorrow morning Lucy has a doctor appointment and in the afternoon I have one. I'm hoping that black cloud will find someone else to follow around for a while.... sigh.

21 April 2013

26.2 miles completed! (#runforBoston)

As I was heading back out to finish up the last couple miles tonight, Lucy just wasn't going for it. So I ended up running 23.8 miles, and walking the last of it, with Lucy. Either way, I completed 26.2 miles this week! Just think, before too much longer, I'll have completed 26.2 miles in ONE DAY! Eeek!

Earlier today I went grocery shopping. Then I came home and sauteed some Brussels sprouts and onions with some Asian spices and packed it up for the week. I also made my weekly vat of salsa, and prepped salads for the week. I mashed up some black beans with black olives, cumin, hot Mexican chili powder, threw in some salsa and packaged that up also. I like that on a wrap with some guacamole. I chopped up a bunch of baby Bella mushrooms and put them in a gallon-size baggie with some garlic and ginger, and threw it in the fridge to make something in the next day or two. Then I still have a head of cauliflower and a head of green cabbage that I need to do something with. Oh, and I have a bunch of kale that I'm going to make one of Mama Pea's recipes with.

I spent a couple hours looking at marathon training plans, and am leaning towards this one (from MarathonRookie.com):

Alrighty, must get back into the kitchen before it gets too late. Lord knows I need my beauty sleep ;)

20 April 2013

19 April 2013

Fitness Friday (and a new shirt ;))

I mentioned the other day that I've committed to run 26.2 miles this week, for Boston. Here's how this week has been going (so far):
  • Monday 3.5 miles
  • Tuesday 3.5 miles
  • Wednesday 3.5 miles
  • Thursday 7 miles
  • Friday 3.3 miles
So after today's run I'm at just under 21 miles. Just a little over 5 to go! 

Oh, and speaking of fitness I came across this shirt today and HAD to order it! Yes, it's quite rude and may be found offensive by some, but I think after maintaining a 100+ pound weight loss (by RUNNING MY ASS OFF, almost every day) for more than 4 years now, I've more than earned it ;)

You can order it HERE.  You know you want it, Norma ;)

16 April 2013

Runners United to Remember

In light of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, a virtual event has been created on Facebook by RunJunkies.com.

I've committed to run for at least 26.2 minutes each day this week, for a total of 26.2 miles by Sunday.

I have no words to describe how devastated I was when I heard the news (and still am), so let me point you to No Meat Athlete, who wrote the perfect post "for Boston."

13 April 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

I ran just over 20 miles (so far) this week:
  • Monday: 3 miles
  • Tuesday: 3.5 miles
  • Wednesday: 3.75 miles
  • Thursday: 6.5 miles
  • Friday: 3.5 miles

As far as food goes, it's been a pretty boring week. I mostly ate the same things every day: Cereal w/fruit for breakfasts, leftover Taco Bake w/salsa and guacamole for lunches, and salads for dinner. Pretzel Shells with hummus for snacks, and the occasional bit of chocolate :)

I did make Stuffed Shells (vegan) earlier in the week, and while they ended up tasting really good, they left me hungry again too soon afterwards. They were also higher in calories/carbs (413/60) than I like for a meal to be. 

Vegan Stuffed Shells (with tofu ricotta)
I also made up a new Protein Ball recipe (pistachio nuts, oat flour, maple syrup, dark chocolate, and almond extract) that came out TOO good, and I've popped way too many of them over the last 2 days!

This morning I had another fainting episode so I'm taking it easy today. I do need to go out and pick up more produce, and I really wanted to make a few new recipes tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow if any of it happened, hehe :)

08 April 2013

Family Reunion Weekend

I ran 6 days last week! No long runs but I did 3.25 miles on Sunday, 3.55 miles on Monday, 3.4 miles on Tuesday, 3.25 miles on Wednesday, 2 miles on Thursday, and 3.5 miles on Friday.

Saturday we got up early, dropped Lucy off at doggie daycare and headed to Virginia to see my dad. It was 4 hours to get there, we stayed 4 hours, and then 4 hours to get back home. My brother's family also went, and we had a really nice day!

My brother, my dad, and me :)
Needless to say, I was so exhausted that I spent the entire day Sunday in bed, just vegging out and watching TV. I never even turned on the computer. Lucy was wiped out from playing with the other dogs all day Saturday, so her and Bogey stayed in bed with me :)

Today was right back to work. I went to the gym at lunch and got in a much needed run. I had to take it easy though, since I had another one of those weird weak/dizzy episodes in the shower this morning, and my equilibrium has been "off" all day. One more week until I get the blood work done and find out what the hell is going on. Ugh.

04 April 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I got home from work, took Lucy for a walk, changed into my PJs, had a salad, then turned on the TV and the laptop. I sit down and this is the look I get:

She looks so inquisitive. What do you think she is thinking?

This is Lucy at 5 weeks old. I can't believe she was ever this tiny! 

2. Did you know I also have a cat? Because Lucy is so needy and always craving attention (and so photogenic!), Bogey hardly ever gets mentioned. I'm sorry Bogey. You know I love you too!
Bogey is pretty mellow. He just lounges around and eats, a lot!
He's very festive at holiday time :)
3. I really have nothing else today, so I'll leave you with the cutest piglet I've ever seen :)

Today was an exhausting day at work. Thank goodness tomorrow if Friday! Be well, my peeps!

Gotta run, Laura

02 April 2013

Taco Bake (Vegan)

This is a pretty quick and easy recipe that's full of flavor. I either eat it as is, or throw on some salsa and guacamole. Enjoy!

Taco Bake (Vegan)

  • 1 package Lightlife Smart Ground (Mexican-style)
  • 1 can black beans, drained, rinsed, and mashed
  • 1 cup corn grits (Polenta), prepared (see below)
  • 1 packet taco seasoning (I use Old El Paso Hot n Spicy)
  • 1 (4oz) can chopped ripe olives
  • 1 (4oz) can diced green chilies
  • 1 cup vegetable broth

  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Spray a pan with PAM (or whatever cooking spray) and heat the ground "beef" on medium for about 5 minutes, then add in the beans, taco seasoning, broth, olives and green chilies.
  3. Meanwhile, make the polenta. Bring 3 cups water (and a pinch of salt) to a boil, add the corn grits, stir. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for about 5 minutes.
  4. Add the polenta to the "beef" mixture and stir it all together.
  5. Pour into a (PAM/cooking spray- sprayed) 9x13 casserole dish and bake for about 20 minutes.

I get 6 huge servings out of this. Each serving = 258 calories, 1.6g fat, 42g carbs (9g fiber, 1g sugar), and 17g protein. Delicious, with just the right amount of spicy :)  And you could definitely make the servings smaller and get at least 8 instead of 6. 

Gotta run, Laura

01 April 2013

Food Tracking and Treadmill Tales

I was super busy at work today so no bloggy time. I wasn't even going to post but I wanted to give a shout-out to Jen over at Perfect in our Imperfections for telling me how to take pictures of stuff on my phone (yes, I'm a little technologically challenged these days)!

For the past few months I've been using the iPhone notepad to keep track of everything, which has been working just fine. However, my doctor thinks I might be anemic, or at least lacking in certain nutrients, so I'm heading back over to the food tracker at SparkPeople.com. I added a link to it on the Food/Fitness Tracker page above if you might be interested in seeing what I eat to maintain my weight loss.

If you don't know about SparkPeople.com, first off it's FREE. It's a community of people trying to live healthy. They have food and fitness trackers, teams you can join based on your interests, lots of articles and health news, and so much more. Really, you should check it out! And if you do, my name over there is HALFFAST. 

Last night I was actually going to run outside, but as soon as I put on my gear and headed out it started pouring. So I went in the treadmill room, plugged it in and turned it on, and POOF! All the power in the house went out! Except for the treadmill! Yes, I made my husband sit in the dark for a half hour so I could get a few miles in ;)

And that's about it for my exciting life!

Gotta run, Laura