03 November 2013

Umm, Hi and belated Happy Halloween!

I know I'm the most horrible blogger in the world. I'm sorry.

Of course the 2 of you who read my blog know that Halloween is my most favorite day of the year (and my anniversary!), so I had to stop by and post a little update, albeit a couple days late ;)

I'm still within 5 pounds of goal weight (currently 118), and still running, though I have decided to postpone the marathon. I made it up to 16 miles and then hit a mental block where I just couldn't go any further.  I don't think it's the distance. I think it's the whole idea of being around soooooooo many people on race day. This is the 3rd time I've registered for a race and then backed out. The other 2 times I still ran the distance (on the race dates), but either on my treadmill, or in the privacy of my own neighborhood.

Since I haven't ran farther than 16 miles, and the marathon date is only a couple weeks away, I know that I'm not ready to run the distance yet. I am still going to run a marathon, but I have a feeling it's going to end up being through a Virtual Race, instead of somewhere I'd have to be surrounded by thousands of people.

I'm going to do a post on Virtual Racing after I do a little more researching, but I find it a great alternative to "in-person" racing because you can still support causes you believe in, and you can still get some bling!

Until then I leave you with this...

Happy (belated) Halloween!


Marc said...

That is one scary clown:)

Caron said...

Hi Laura, I'm glad you checked in with us. I know how you feel about getting in crowds as I feel the same way. Your costume is kind of scary and your dog seems happy to be in costume too. :)

Marion Shaw said...

I'm glad I can keep in touch with you on Facebook too. Great that you keep your weight loss maintained. :D

Marion Shaw said...

I'm glad that I can keep up with you on Facebook. Your costumes are awesome. :D