04 May 2013

FPC Day 4 and I got a new Fitbit today!

I've spent a couple months now deciding whether to replace yet another Fitbit (Lucy has eaten 3 of them so far), or try something different like the Jawbone Up, the new Fitbit Flex, BodyMedia Core, Nike+ Sportband, etc.  I really wanted to get one of the bracelet or armband ones, but the Fitbit One came in 1st place on just about all the reviews. I think because it has both an accelerometer and an altimeter (steps/distance and altitude basically). I'm not so concerned about pace/distance because I have my Garmin for that (when I get to run outside) and of course the treadmill gives that information. Duh. But since most of my workouts are at the gym, and I'm trying to incorporate more cross-training, I wanted a fitness tracker that was better for indoors, and for all-day tracking. Radio Shack had the Fitbit One on sale for $89, plus a $10 off coupon for next time, so off I went to grab one!

I also have an older Polar (F11), which is great for doing heart-rate zone training, and I finally got a new battery for it, but I can't find the right tool to get to the battery! Oi! And ultimately, I just love all these little gadgets ;)

How about any of you? Got any favorite fitness gadgets?

Food today was all within my nutrition goals, except for fiber. Over again :(

Today was a rest day but I did get in 2.5 miles walking with Lucy.

Oh, and the visit with the moms is being postponed until the end of the month so no food worries until then, hehe :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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