07 May 2013

FPC Day 7

I've made it through one entire week of photographing every single thing I eat! It really hasn't been difficult at all, and I'm proud of myself for passing up some unhealthy stuff. I was excited to see 118.2 on the scale today, but I'm really hoping to be under 118 tomorrow morning, which will be the official 1 week weigh-in.  Here's today's food summary:

Today's workout was RUNNING again, Yay! Another 3.5 pain-free miles :)

How did everyone's else first week go? Are we gonna keep this up a bit longer? I'm game if everyone else is!


Marc said...

Where is the link to the food pics?

Laura Runs a Latte said...

Hi Marc, click the Instagram link either from my sidebar or from the Food Photo Challenge page (top link bar). Let me know what you think!

Marc said...

Okay I found the food pictures - thanks! Well you have some pics of two of my favorite foods, black beans and cabbage. Not doing black beans on the Paleo means I eat them much less often and use them for an "off" day as opposed to more often. Those are some AWESOME food pics:)

The Vegan Gypsy said...

Laura, I'm intrigued by your guacamole snack pack,wondering if my local store carries it? So much more convenient and portion controlled!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

@Marc: Thanks! Black beans are something I just recently acquired a taste for. I have to mash them up or I still won't eat them. I think it's a texture thing. Lol!

@Michele: All the grocery stores around here have the snack packs. I don't think I could buy the regular size because I would definitely overdo it!