14 November 2013

Week One, Day Four

Today was a horrible food day, and I don't even know why since I went grocery shopping last night and stocked up on "good" stuff. I got to work and went into a meeting where there were the most amazing looking Devil's Food donuts ;) After that I had baked Macaroni and Cheese from the "Corner Store" that the girls at work order from every Thursday. And if that weren't bad enough I polished it off with a pack of Nutter Butters. Believe it or not though, I did manage to stay in calorie range for the day, but I definitely know I'll be feeling quite miserable tomorrow.

Breakfast: 4 cups coffee with Cafe Mocha and Devil's Food donut
Lunch: Baked macaroni and cheese
Snack: Nutter Butter snack pack
Dinner: Salad (3 cups shredded lettuce with diced tomatoes, onions and celery) with sliced olives, sesame sticks and Tahini Lime Sauce. 2 cups coffee with Cafe Mocha.

Workout: Easy 3 (@5.6mph) plus an extra .75 (@6mph)

Have a good night!

Gotta Run!


Caron said...

I used to hate being around doughnuts at work. Actually, what I hated were the doughnut pushers. I had already decided not to eat any, but the box would be shoved in my face and I was urged to "have just one. It won't hurt you. You are so strict. That's not normal." Funny how words can take away your resolve. So on we go. Tomorrow is another day. :)

Laura Runs a Latte said...

Yes! That's exactly how it is at our meetings! You're right though, on we go to another day :) So good to hear from you Caron!