12 November 2013

Week One, Day Two

We had our first snowfall this morning, and it was those great big, fluffy flakes! It didn't last very long and didn't stick to anything (besides my clothes) but it was so pretty. I love snow, but if we aren't going to get a substantial amount (i.e., enough to get a day off work ;)) it's not even worth it.

Breakfast: 2 cups coffee w/Cafe Mocha
Brunch: Amy's Mexican Black Bean bowl, Wholly Guacamole snack pack
Dinner: Thai-style Cabbage Noodles. 2 cups coffee w/Cafe Mocha
Snack: Pretzel crisps with hummus. Hot cocoa (made with vanilla coconut milk and Hershey's Dark syrup)

Workout: Today was Cross-Training (XT). I did 30 minutes (+2 cool-down) on the bike. 7.75 miles. 150 calories.

Oh, and this is the Marathon Training plan I'm (loosely) following this time:

Saturdays will be my rest days, and for any weekday runs over 5-6 miles, I will either have to cut them a little short, take a longer lunch break, or do 2 runs in one day (not likely). The only other alteration is that my training week goes Monday - Sunday so the Marathon (and all Sundays) will be the end of the previous week.  

I also haven't looked at how the upcoming holidays might affect this, but I don't see that being any kind of dilemma since we really only travel for Thanksgiving. 

And that's about it for today. Now it's time to relax and play some Candy Crush :)


Did anyone have any accumulation of snow today? 
Do you stick to a training program once you decide on one?
Any other Candy Crush addicts out there? What level are you on? 


Caron said...

And we're complaining because it was 92 degrees today and the A/C is still running. We would love to have a few days in the 70's. :)

Laura Runs a Latte said...

I'd be complaining about 92 degrees also - The 70's would be wonderful!