21 April 2013

26.2 miles completed! (#runforBoston)

As I was heading back out to finish up the last couple miles tonight, Lucy just wasn't going for it. So I ended up running 23.8 miles, and walking the last of it, with Lucy. Either way, I completed 26.2 miles this week! Just think, before too much longer, I'll have completed 26.2 miles in ONE DAY! Eeek!

Earlier today I went grocery shopping. Then I came home and sauteed some Brussels sprouts and onions with some Asian spices and packed it up for the week. I also made my weekly vat of salsa, and prepped salads for the week. I mashed up some black beans with black olives, cumin, hot Mexican chili powder, threw in some salsa and packaged that up also. I like that on a wrap with some guacamole. I chopped up a bunch of baby Bella mushrooms and put them in a gallon-size baggie with some garlic and ginger, and threw it in the fridge to make something in the next day or two. Then I still have a head of cauliflower and a head of green cabbage that I need to do something with. Oh, and I have a bunch of kale that I'm going to make one of Mama Pea's recipes with.

I spent a couple hours looking at marathon training plans, and am leaning towards this one (from MarathonRookie.com):

Alrighty, must get back into the kitchen before it gets too late. Lord knows I need my beauty sleep ;)

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