01 April 2013

Food Tracking and Treadmill Tales

I was super busy at work today so no bloggy time. I wasn't even going to post but I wanted to give a shout-out to Jen over at Perfect in our Imperfections for telling me how to take pictures of stuff on my phone (yes, I'm a little technologically challenged these days)!

For the past few months I've been using the iPhone notepad to keep track of everything, which has been working just fine. However, my doctor thinks I might be anemic, or at least lacking in certain nutrients, so I'm heading back over to the food tracker at SparkPeople.com. I added a link to it on the Food/Fitness Tracker page above if you might be interested in seeing what I eat to maintain my weight loss.

If you don't know about SparkPeople.com, first off it's FREE. It's a community of people trying to live healthy. They have food and fitness trackers, teams you can join based on your interests, lots of articles and health news, and so much more. Really, you should check it out! And if you do, my name over there is HALFFAST. 

Last night I was actually going to run outside, but as soon as I put on my gear and headed out it started pouring. So I went in the treadmill room, plugged it in and turned it on, and POOF! All the power in the house went out! Except for the treadmill! Yes, I made my husband sit in the dark for a half hour so I could get a few miles in ;)

And that's about it for my exciting life!

Gotta run, Laura


Jan said...

Wait, how did your treadmill stay on? I"m confused! I've heard great things about Sparkpeople. I think any time you are journaling and being held accountable to someone it's really effective!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

I know right?! I think there's too many things on the same circuit. It was very strange indeed! And I definitely agree with you about the accountability factor of journaling. Thanks for commenting again!

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

I love the treadmill story - way to go. I prob wouldn't run in pouring rain but I love to run in light rain!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

Me too! And if it's hot out I don't mind the pouring rain either, but not when it's cold and windy- bleh!

mybizzykitchen.com said...

I track on fatsecret.com - it's free too and I love it. I like that I can build recipes and it gives me a nutritional label too!

Hope the power wasn't out too long!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

That's how Spark is also, but I'm going to check out fatsecret.com as well- thanks!!

The Vegan Gypsy said...

Hi, Laura, just found your blog via our mutual pal at Almost Gastric Bypass. ;)

I, too, am plant-based (vegan) mostly for ethical reasons but, hey, the health benefits are great, too!

A question for you: I notice that you mention losing weight with WW as well as Sparkpeople, can you elaborate or send me to an old post, perhaps? Thank you!