19 April 2013

Fitness Friday (and a new shirt ;))

I mentioned the other day that I've committed to run 26.2 miles this week, for Boston. Here's how this week has been going (so far):
  • Monday 3.5 miles
  • Tuesday 3.5 miles
  • Wednesday 3.5 miles
  • Thursday 7 miles
  • Friday 3.3 miles
So after today's run I'm at just under 21 miles. Just a little over 5 to go! 

Oh, and speaking of fitness I came across this shirt today and HAD to order it! Yes, it's quite rude and may be found offensive by some, but I think after maintaining a 100+ pound weight loss (by RUNNING MY ASS OFF, almost every day) for more than 4 years now, I've more than earned it ;)

You can order it HERE.  You know you want it, Norma ;)


Caron said...

My daughters would wear that shirt proudly. I have to admit I would prefer that they wear it. Good for you on your running schedule this week. :)

Laura Runs a Latte said...

Hi Caron! I probably will only wear it when I run at home because I really hate drawing attention to myself. But I just couldn't pass it up! Hehe :)

Norma said...

I totally want. :)