28 March 2013

Ten Things Thursday (continued)

Alrighty then, I feel much better now :)

4. Went to the gym and ran 3.4 miles in 35 minutes. Took it nice and easy, and now I feel pretty good! I look like a hot mess, but here's my new NMA tshirt!

5. I "met" a new running blogger today who has a nifty little running quiz on her site. I'm going to share it tomorrow, but if you want to have a look, go visit Sarah at Courage2Run

6. Uh oh, running out of things to say. My life is quite boring.

7. Here are a couple "truths" from Ecards:

8. I have a question. For those of you who post your trackers on your blogs (i.e., LoseIt, WW, etc) how do you do that? Like, if I have an app on my iPhone that I want to get a picture of here, how would I go about that. Yes, I'm rather blog-illiterate.

9. Lucy is much more photogenic than me, so here are a few recent pics of her. Doesn't she look like a porn star in the first pic?! I love how she sleeps with one arm up in the air! 

And how about this goofy face?!

Love how she pouts :)
10. Are any of you doing anything special this weekend? My husband and his family are catholic (I'm a non-practicing jew), so I got sucked into Easter plans. We are going to hubby's moms and I have to figure out something to make. I volunteered to work tomorrow since I've missed so much time during the past couple weeks, so I'll have to throw something together either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.  I saw a recipe for deviled eggs that look like little chicks, so I might try to make something creative like that, but without eggs. Maybe potatoes. I'll let you know if whatever it is turns out good!

Gotta run, Laura


Laura Belle said...

omg. That pic of Lucy with her arm in the air seriously made me laugh so loud. Good thing everyone's gone home for the day!

And your desk isn't that bad! I didn't show all my sticky notes everywhere. Seriously. they cover almost all around my TWO monitors. I'm a addict. To sticky notes. And chocolate. Well, and probably a million other things! lol

Laura Runs a Latte said...

I rarely use sticky notes cuz I write too big. You can't see it but my desk calendar (underneath all that mess) is covered with notes, and still on January- shhhh! I'm more addicted to pens. Especially Pentel RSVP pens. And chocolate, and coffee, and peanut butter...