29 March 2013

What Type of Runner Are You?

Happy Friday! As I mentioned yesterday, I took a quiz over at Runner's World called What type of runner are you? After carefully considering the questions there was really only one that I was on the fence about. So here are my answers:

  • Do you often vary your routes?
b) Yes, I know the town better than the postman. Exploring is half the fun.
  • How important are the health benefits of running to you?
b) I'm glad there are long-term benefits, but I'm more focused on how good running makes me feel today. 
  • You're a minute slower for a 5k than you were last year. What do you do about it?
c) Figure it's time to resume speedwork at my running club. I slack off when I'm on my own.
  • You usually run after work, but your new boss asks if you want to go out for a drink. Do you go?
b) No. When I go to bed that night, I'd much rather have gone for my run than met a -social obligation. 
  • A pain that started a few weeks ago has become worse and now you can hardly run. What do you do?
b) Hobble through a few miles at whatever pace I can manage, and ice it later.
  • What's your take on diet?
b) I don't really think about my diet in terms of running, other than I know which foods interfere with my running and I avoid them.
  • What's important in a race?
b) Good organisation. I want to be able to concentrate on my running and not have to worry about whether the course is accurate. 
d) I don't race much, but when I do a nice T-shirt and a good charitable cause. (And a medal of course!)
  • You just don't feel like running. What do you do?
b) Head out - I'll feel better once I get going. Feeling bored or tired isn't a reason not to run.
  • Long runs are...
b) A weekly ritual that I enjoy.
  • What do you think about lifting weights?
b) I don't like lifting weights, but I know it helps me to avoid injury, so I do it in order to keep on running. 

I scored mostly B's which makes me:
The Purist
You run for running's sake - you like how it feels and how it makes you feel afterwards. You might race, you might not. Running is part of your routine; it makes you feel complete. How far and how fast you run is based on how you feel that day, how nice a day it is and your surroundings.
How about you? Go take the quiz and let me know!

Gotta run, Laura

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